Watch Making of 'J2K' Score

Watch Making of 'J2K' Score

Making of 'J2K' Score

Journey to Kathmandu: Deluxe Director's & Goats' Edition – 2m 46s

Up Next in Journey to Kathmandu: Deluxe Director's & Goats' Edition

  • Camera Goes Down in Kathmandu

    Five days into shooting 'Journey', I experience the independent (ie low budget) filmmaker's biggest nightmare - my camera dies. After this experience, I promised myself never to be put into this type of situation ever again.

  • Bus Ride From Hell

    Often when filming in developing countries, you have the (mis)fortune of taking local forms of transport. In this clip, I share what it's like to take bus transportation on the biggest holiday of the Nepalese year.

  • Toilet and Rakshi

    Sometimes when filming in a remote part of the world you get sick. Really sick. (Ah, the never-ending perils of filming in a developing country!)

    My trekking guide/translator/fixer, Raj Kumar Thapa, discusses a sure-fire local remedy for my persistent stomach problems.