Journey to Kathmandu: Deluxe Director's & Goats' Edition

Journey to Kathmandu: Deluxe Director's & Goats' Edition

Every great Journey comes with a sacrifice.

Watch as goats make their once-in-a-lifetime trek from their farmland lives in Tibet to their sacrificial deaths in Kathmandu during the Nepalese Dashain Festival.

Purchase of the Deluxe Director's & Goat's Edition comes loaded with behind-the-scenes footage, director's commentary, shorts, and deleted scenes. Regardless if you're simply looking for more info on the making of 'J2K' or you're a budding independent filmmaker (or just a fan of goats!), this is a must-have for anyone who enjoys gaining insight into what goes into the making of an independent documentary in a developing country.

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Journey to Kathmandu: Deluxe Director's & Goats' Edition

11 Videos

  • Journey to Kathmandu

    The feature presentation of the documentary film 'Journey to Kathmandu'.

  • Tea in Thamel Short

    This was the short that I filmed during an early trip to Nepal. Starring Prem Aryal (and his infectious smile!), it would serve as inspiration for the larger film.

  • Journey to Kathmandu Director's Commentary

    What film about goats shot on a shoestring budget in a place like Nepal would be complete without a Director's Commentary?

    Listen to the wisdom and humour of a director, as he takes you through the trials and tribulations that make up the filmmaking journey that is 'Journey to Kathmandu!

  • Making of 'J2K' Score

    Ever wonder what goes into the making of an original score? Take a peek within and see the magic that is made by musicians Samuel D. Ross and Jared Jensen as they collaborate on the score for 'Journey to Kathmandu'.

  • Camera Goes Down in Kathmandu

    Five days into shooting 'Journey', I experience the independent (ie low budget) filmmaker's biggest nightmare - my camera dies. After this experience, I promised myself never to be put into this type of situation ever again.

  • Bus Ride From Hell

    Often when filming in developing countries, you have the (mis)fortune of taking local forms of transport. In this clip, I share what it's like to take bus transportation on the biggest holiday of the Nepalese year.

  • Toilet and Rakshi

    Sometimes when filming in a remote part of the world you get sick. Really sick. (Ah, the never-ending perils of filming in a developing country!)

    My trekking guide/translator/fixer, Raj Kumar Thapa, discusses a sure-fire local remedy for my persistent stomach problems.

  • Journey to Kathmandu Trailer 2010

    I cut this trailer shortly after returning from filming in Nepal and, if nothing else, is a great example of how often what you initially think a film will be about is not at all the story that you end up with. Especially in documentary filmmaking, the story evolves in ways never imagined.


  • The Money in the Shoes

    On one of the days filming in the mountains, I slipped and nearly fell down the side of a rather steep hill. Ever dependable and ever aware porter, Pemba Tamang, gracefully pulled my butt (and camera!) to safety. In the process, he tore up his shoe, which I tried to replace.

    Confusion (and...

  • Original 'J2K' Trailer

    This is the original trailer that served as the jumping-off point for the film. I used this to drum up initial interest in the film and would garner an early grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

    This is a great example of how a simple teaser - cut before any actual footage of a f...

  • Deleted Mountain Scenes

    From the time of a film's first rough cut to the final print, many scenes and sometimes even whole sections do not make the cut. This section - the mountain section - was one of those sections.

    Though ultimately I felt that the section bogged down the film, and therefore didn't make the fin...